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Toronto based artist Neela is back with another intriguing release. Not too long ago, the singer premiered the club banger "La La La," and now she's back on the scene with an artful visual. Neela who had been working with famous producer Beatchild, is getting ready to drop her first EP Lovers In Danger later on this year. But while that's under construction, she surprised her fans with a talent filled music video. The artful visuals gave a fresh face to the song, and took Neela's music for the first time ever outside of the club.

The robotic character (played by Neela) is a representation of life in captivity. Once she disconnected herself from "mental slavery" she started experiencing life through a new set of eyes. Everything looked different outside of the bubble that she was obliged to live in. She saw colors for the first time, discovered senses, and got in touch with humanity. Everything was overwhelming, but her character kept pushing through. At the end, reality hit back and she wasn't able to continue her life "unplugged." This teaches us to take risks at life, and enjoy it to the fullest. We're all gathered here temporarily, and life is not worth living without the simple momentary pleasures.

If you're into artsy things, make sure to follow Neela on her Instagram.

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