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"Needy Desperate Manic" - EMIA | Review

Needy Desperate Manic is a roast/toast to hopeless romantics. EMIA has fun flirty vocals that create such a sweet, feel-good vibe to this track that captures the feeling of a very flirty hopeless crush. Oh, the mental gymnastics of love.

From Emia: Needy Desperate Manic is an ode to the ridiculous character I become when I'm falling for someone. In my experience, having a crush on someone means I will inevitably go through stages of obsession, anxiety, and hope all at once. Instead of shying away from that and pretending to be cool about it, I wanted this song to shout my feelings from the rooftops - and maybe encourage others to feel less embarrassed about that stuff. This song was a collaboration between two of my closest friends Sam Bierman and Charlie Kurata (Duumu). Sam and I started the song with just keys and vocals in my room in Brooklyn. Charlie added the sparkling touches to the final production during the middle of lockdown.

ÊMIA is the indie-pop project of Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and producer Anh Le. While her life has been a series of relocations, the internet has always been her home. From living-room YouTube covers to SoundCloud singles, Le is no stranger to making something personal and homemade resonate with a worldwide audience. Racking up millions of views on a channel she started when she was 13, Le is now working with artists and releasing music under tastemaker labels such as ALT:VISION ( an imprint of Republic Records), MonsterCat Records, and Majestic Casual Records. Her series of successful collaborations with up-and-coming artists such as Duumu, Laxcity, knapsack and middle school, has set a precedent for ÊMIA as liason between pop audiences and fans of the underground electronic music. Her catchy melodies flow effortlessly while remaining spontaneous; her lyrics, honest and conversational. Similar to Julia Michaels, Taylor Swift and Nina Nesbitt, her emotional confessions come with a side of empowerment and attitude. Her work as a songwriter and vocalist have been featured in MTV Europe, BBC Radio 1, Netflix. Her debut EP, Little Secret is set to release in the summer of 2019.

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