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“Navigator” – Nick Fabian | Review

Some weights are too heavy to carry alone, but even just an extra pair of hands can make the most oppressive burden bearable. A little support may be all you need to preserve through tough times. That support can come in many forms—whether it’s a good friend, a gripping piece of music, or both. If you’re drowning, Nick Fabian’s latest offering is the hand that plunges through the water to pull you back to the surface. It’s both deep enough to move you and fun enough to sing along to.

In “Navigator,” Fabian takes the wheel and steers us through the darkness. His newest single embodies the importance of facing a fight with a friend by your side. The lyrics are laced with hope, wonderfully inspiring, and incredibly timely. Many of us have been quarantining with a loved one, and while at times we may long for some space, there’s no doubt that this shared experience will bring us closer together.

“Navigator” stands up amongst hits by pop-heavyweights like Charlie Puth, Nate Ruess, or Justin Timberlake. It preserves its dance-ability without sacrificing emotion. Hear it in the percussion—the delicate sixteenth notes on the ride, the reflective snaps, the heartbeat-like kick. Fabian himself delivers a standout vocal performance. The timbre of his voice somehow remains virile and sensitive simultaneously. The lead guitar also offers audiences several points of interest. Notice the descending lick before the first chorus and the soulful accents in the breakdown before the finale. They remind me of brush strokes a master like John Frusicante would paint into a Chili Peppers song from the early 2000s.

Nashville-based Nick Fabian grew up on music. Raised by parents who performed with the Dallas Symphony, this singer/songwriter has deep, classical roots that shine through in his writing and production. He’s inspired by the champions of soul like Stevie Wonder and The Temptations. His music is both modern and retro-sounding at the same time; it’s like a celebration of every generation of music through the course of contemporary history. Fabian knows that harmony can be a vessel used to travel through the transcendent beauty that’s right at our fingertips—that’s why he makes it.

“Navigator” reminds us to look towards the growth that hard times bolster. When you have a good partner, your weaknesses can be their strengths and vice versa. Like soldiers who go into combat together, friends who share a struggle form an unyielding bond. Nick Fabian’s new single is a reminder that sometimes all we need is a helping hand to guide us through the dark.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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