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The emotional intelligence of every person is being tested today. Our social awareness and self-management skills are crucial in every moment. Each thought that passes through our minds carries with it an added weight to bear.

Four New Yorkers know this all too well and hence are here with the anthem of accepting uncertainty. Riding the momentum of their last single “ENERGY WAVES,” WHATEVER WE ARE is back with an even bigger tune: “MORE THAN THIS.”

WHATEVER WE ARE is Ian Biggs, Joey Castellani, Gabrielle Ross, and Trippz Michaud. These four solo artists joined forces to blend their distinctive backgrounds and inspire listeners to be true to themselves. The quartet is keeping fans satiated in a unique way: by dropping a new track every Wednesday for the rest of 2020. “MORE THAN THIS” is the second single off their debut album Don’t Go Home, and it seems to be an inkling of a remarkable record to come.

The silvery guitar lead and charismatic performances of their latest hit are intriguing from start to finish. It opens with a crunchy bassline and captivating chorus. Right out of the gate, Biggs’ powerful vocals pull the listener in. They’re dynamic and commanding—like something you’d expect from a Chris Daughtry or Brad Arnold. Ross’ octaves and harmonies add a compelling layer to the lyrics that boost the song’s overall distinction; in fact, the whole group’s integration of their individual musical-perspectives in this song is something I haven’t heard since I discovered the British hip-hop trio N-Dubz back in high school. It’s the way they operate as though they’re each the front man. It brings every ingredient of the song to the listener’s attention—nothing gets lost in the background. WHATEVER WE ARE’s shakeup of the typical band-hierarchy gives them a really fresh sound.

If you’ve found yourself on the road to burnout, you’re not alone. The power of music cannot be disparaged. Songs like this can help you cope. “MORE THAN THIS” encapsulates an era and offers empathy, enjoyment, and entertainment to audiences everywhere.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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