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“more than it seems” - Evan Blum | Review

Oh a song for a crush and falling in love and just not being able to share what that feeling is in words. “More than it seems” is a short little jam that really makes your heart sing. Evan Blum knows that sometimes putting words to feelings can be scary for both you and the other person.

“more than it seems” is a bubbly love-letter, packed with silky smooth vocal flow and formidable pop production. Subterranean keys skip along the beat as Blum professes his love through rhythmic prose. Chugging guitar chords ultimately swell into a deep and driving chorus that brings about images of neon night drives and rooftop sunrises.

As we can see in the accompanying video, Blum has added the new skill of video editor to his long-running list of abilities. In under two minutes, the video manages to transform the streets of Los Angeles into a surreal technicolor daydream. We see the skyline transform into neon purple hues while lightning and cartoon hearts burst out of various body parts.

According to Blum, the song “is about reassuring someone who doesn’t see how much you care about them. So many times, how deeply we care about someone can be swept underneath and pushed deep down. We are hesitant to show others because we feel vulnerable.”

Evan Blum is a songwriter, producer, and singer based out of Los Angeles California. Working alongside multiple Grammy award-winning producers and writers, his online videos have gained millions of views collectively. Featured on Billboard, Huffington Post, Refinery29 and Teen Vogue, Blum’s music Is dynamic and eclectic, running the gamut of upbeat and quirky pop gems to mellow and heartfelt acoustic ballads.

Drawing from musical influences like The Beatles, Eminem, Jack Johnson, and Max Martin, Blum’s music makes its way into your ears and buys real estate—his hooks are impossible to forget, and his lyrics stay with you for the long haul.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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