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“Mood,” -Roni Bar Hadas Review

We’re all in the “Mood,” to listen to Roni Bar Hadas’ newest single over here at Unheard Gems. This new neo-soul single showcases the singer's silky smooth vocals.

The 27 year old singer-songwriter is from Tel Aviv and is also a multi-instrumentalist. “Mood,” is Roni’s attempt to “embrace the interconnectedness of all human beings.” The single is off of the artists’ long awaited sophomore album.

I love the simplicity of the line “Now I’m in the mood for losing a few layers.” Roni brings in the listeners with this line and invites them to shed their personal barriers and connect on a deeper level.

Throughout the whole song, Roni speaks of shedding these layers in such a calming way that it makes you want to dive right into her world and “get in the mood,” with her.

I love this song so much because if you have ever felt like you’re different in any way and wanted to be closer to those around you despite being different, then this song is for you. The desire for connection that this song brings is something so relatable for a number of people. Being able to shed our layers and grow closer to those around us like Roni is hoping for in “Mood,” isn’t always easy, but with time we can foster the relationships with those around us.

Personally, I also love Roni’s beautifully enchanting vocals. With a voice like that it’s hard not to want to lose your layers and enhance your relationship with someone. Overall, I think “Mood,” is a great song to use to explore the relationships in your life with people.

Review Done by Casper Barbour

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