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“Monster Squad (Love so Crazy)" - Sam the Astronaut | Review

There is no feeling more fulfilling than being part of a team. Teammates accept you, you accept them, and you all fight for eachother.

“Monster Squad (Love so Crazy)” by Sam the Astronaut is an electro pop anthem that is about the confidence that comes from being a part of something, like the Monster Squad from Fred Dekker’s 1987 movie The Monster Squad.

If anyone exudes confidence, it’s Sam the Astronaut. They build their lovely cosmic sound with a quick-paced beat, guitar, and their production. The harmonization and layering of smooth-toned vocals sounds incredible. Even their lyrics have an addicting rhythm that makes the melody so catchy.

Sam the Astronaut is a Canadian duo made up of Garrison Johnson and TJ Gibson. Their sound is a mix of snappy pop, new-wave electronic, hip-hop grit, and funky disco. They have been releasing music since 2017, with their 2018 single “Sunshine Gold (Version 2)” reaching over a million streams on Spotify.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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