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Modernlove. & Miette Hope | Show Review + Photo Gallery

On the final night of the US tour, Irish indie pop band Modernlove. took to the stage of the Moroccan Lounge. We have loved these guys for a couple of years now and to see them receive all the love from fans was incredible. If you never had your boyband phase may we recommend Modernlove.

Opening the last night of Modernlove.’s tour at the Moroccan Lounge we had the lovely Miette Hope! Their vocals were absolutely stunning and I was in awe of their songwriting. My favorite song of the set was ‘Fragments’ which we heard an acoustic/stripped version of. This song was a reference of Humpty Dumpty and how he was broken but never really got put back together. The song had beautiful imagery and I could listen to it for hours. At the end of the set Miette had the crowd dancing around the room, it was the most attentive I had ever seen an audience.

Before Modernlove. even stepped on the stage the crowd was screaming as loud as they could. Stemming from a small town in Ireland the band has an incredible fan base in Los Angeles, selling out the Moroccan Lounge. Since it was the last night of their tour everyone was so pumped! The crowd danced and sang/screamed all of the lyrics to their songs. Modernlove. has sick songs with catchy melodies, guitar solos and licks throughout each one. We laughed at all the banter with fans and shouts of admiration and, of course, what is a show without the mic coming unplugged for a second of confusion and laughs (fans played tech support for the save). A bittersweet end to their tour, it was an incredible show and I can’t wait to see what is in store for these guys.

Review by Heather Kathryn & Hannah Schneider

Photos by Hannah Schneider

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