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"Mirrorball Midnight" - Jessicka | Review

You’re at a party, club, or going for a night drive with friends, this is the song you want to hear. This synth, electropop single “Mirrorball Midnight” by Vancouver musician Jessicka blends electric energy with contrasting lyrics that put you in one mode: move mindlessly with the music.

Jessicka’s new release makes it an instinct to turn the volume up once the first beat travels to your ears. The drumbeat triggers a movement in your body preparing it for the electronic sounds to take you into a different experience. Escalating your heartbeat, “Mirrorball Midnight” stacks 80s electronics with soft vocals. Jessicka’s voice completes the euphoric experience. It is incredibly difficult to control how your body elevates to “Mirrorball Midnight.”

Escaping your 9 to 5 job with the one you love, “Mirrorball Midnight” is a fairytale story is a dream come true. The sounds blend perfectly with Jessicka’s lyrics to take you into that world. “We’re all so bored in life. Craving an escape. Oh that song.” That song is “Mirrorball Midnight.” Those three lines are enough to take you into the muscial experience Jessicka intends. “No matter what happens, it’s all me and you.” Elope with your lover, best friend, soulmate and don’t look back. Isn’t that the perfect story you want to daydream about after a long shift? This new release will take you there through absolute escapism.

“A fairytale story that imagines leaving the real world behind for one night in favour of the glittering allure of the unknown,” Jessicka said in a press release. The Vancouver-based musician is expanding on her lyrical, emotional range experimenting with electric and exuberant energy differing from the heady and dark lyrical content in her past pieces. Producing perfect absolute escapism musical artistry in “Mirrorball Midnight,” Jessicka is truly giving her fans glittering allure of the unknown.

Review by YooJin Son

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