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meija at Genghis Cohen | Show Review and Gallery

On the evening of Thursday, August 10th, music enthusiasts were treated to an enchanting and intimate performance by the LA-based artist meija at Genghis Cohen in West Hollywood. Genghis Cohen, which is also a Chinese restaurant and bar, offered a uniquely vibrant backdrop that buzzed with concert-goers.

Prior to meija’s performance, bennytheghost opened the show.He dished out his indie pop discography, treating the crowd to his hit "Tightrope" and some unreleased gems. His humor also charmed the crowd. bennytheghost and the band had a couple of entertaining bits, such as having a brief instrumental intermission in the middle of the short set. Bennytheghost energized the crowd, and perfectly set the stage for what was to come.

Gracing the spotlight next was meija, known offstage as Jamie Sierota. This marked a significant occasion as the debut ticketed headlining show for meija, a fact that Sierota gleefully shared with the audience. With lighthearted banter, he also offered a humorous lesson in the pronunciation of meija, an ongoing joke between him and his fans.

Meija's sonic tapestry, with its warm production and buoyant melodies, infused the crowd with a vibrant energy. A notable addition to the performance was the inclusion of a saxophone player, lending an intriguing layer of texture to the already dynamic set. The evening closed with a rendition of "Buttons," a track recently re-released in late July, showcasing meija's evolving artistry.

Overall, the show brought a seriously fun and intimate experience that made a lasting impression on everyone there. With this captivating performance showcasing his creative skills, it's no doubt that the future holds some seriously exciting stuff for meija.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao


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