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Meet Me @ The Altar and MUNA at the Wiltern | Concert Review and Gallery

The crowd flows into the theater and settles down. The lights dim and the music starts. Running out for an awaiting crowd,

Meet Me @ the Altar’s energy definitely got the room going. Lead singer, Edith Victoria, Starts off the set with “Say It (To My Face)”. The song reminisces over the sound of the 2010’s pop punk scene with a touch of the same era Disney movie soundtrack. Definitely a good glow-up-post-breakup song. Edith brought so much energy to the stage and had really good crowd control. Her bubbly personality turned heads and when it came time to slow it down for the acoustic version of their song “Garden”, she definitely hit the mark. Calming down the set with an acoustic song really shows the variety in the singer's voice. This song felt like it had everyone's attention to the vulnerability of her and guitarist, Téa Campbell, sitting at the front of the stage singing into the crowd. Listening to this song and reading the lyrics after is definitely a motivational song. Overall, their set was super energizing for the crowd, and get it set up for the headliner.

Transitioning from Meet Me @ The Altar’s electric performance, The lights dim again. Fog covers the stage and the band comes out to lead singer, Katie Gavin, who starts the opener “What I Want”. The song is super upbeat with a defined beat to dance to. Think of it as something you could hear in an exciting club environment. Gavin is super energetic with her movements and voice making the crowd go crazy. Continuing on with the set, “Number One Fan” comes on, and it's definitely a crowd favorite. It's another upbeat song and gets the crowd moving. The bridge is super strong and brings an ethereal feel to it. Onto the last song of the review, “No Idea”. “No Idea” is what I can describe as something that you can walk down the street feeling confident and powerful listening to it. If you had to pick one song from the MUNA set to add to a playlist, I would have to say “No Idea” would be the one. Overall, MUNA is an amazing band to see live. The concertgoers are super sweet and you are surrounded by positivity and love, a place to express yourself.

Review and Photos by Emma Dill

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