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“Medicine” - Likable Lars | Review

“Medicine” by Likeable Lars will be the cure for the next time you’re unsure of what to listen to. This song defies genres as we know them, making it a refreshing, exciting experience that’s different from anything you’ve ever heard. Admittedly, this song is difficult to write about, but for all the right reasons – there’s simply no way you can describe it accurately. The song is an experience in and of itself.

The song’s production is reminiscent of Bon Iver’s exceptionally experimental album 22, A Million as it has many layered tracks that create an atmosphere all its own. Make no mistake though, when I say the production is similar to the work of a renowned indie artist, I am not saying this song sounds like Bon Iver. In fact, the song is flooded with current hip-hop and underground pop influences that have made artists like Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean superstars. All these elements work together to create an idiosyncratic sound that you simply cannot pigeonhole. Every time you listen to it, you notice something you swear wasn’t there before.

Here’s where the true genius comes in – “Medicine” is about feeling lost and stuck, and wanting some kind of relief. It’s a sonically complicated song that’s easy to get lost in, but at the same time, it feels like the relief it’s looking for; it’s freeing, inspiring, and overall fun.

Likeable Lars is a Norwegian duo comprised of childhood friends, Lars and Ketil. They’ve produced music for a number of well known Norwegian artists such as Robin & Bugge and DJ NorgeJodel, and have described this project as a musical sanctuary where they can create without anyone telling them what it should sound like. Their influences include artists of every genre, making their music an interesting blend of sounds that are new to the ear. “Medicine” is their second single and they have a handful more just waiting to be released.

Written by Jess Ward

Edited by Tatum Jenkins

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