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“May Have (Misunderstood) - May Have | Review

“May Have (Misunderstood)” by May Have is an indie pop duet that creates a soft and welcoming space, encouraging two partners to open up during a difficult conversation.

Ethereal production sounds open to the song in a strong and intriguing way. Throughout the song, two voices harmonize and work together. It is so pleasing to listen to. They sing emotional lyrics like “I hear you” and “in it together” to convey a beautiful message of support. The soft, breathy high notes showcase impressive skill. Everything is melded together with a complex beat of synths, keyboards, and drums. The song fades out after a satisfying instrumental crescendo fills you up with their lovely sound.

May Have began as a trio of Maerin Hunting’s songwriting and soaring vocals driven by the rhythm section: Sebastian Balk-Forcione on drums and Matt Rousseau on bass and synths. Then joined Dan Rougeau on lead guitar and Emily Rockarts on vocals and keys. May Have is known for their extremely catchy songs full of musical depth. This single is their first duet.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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