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"Mango Sticky Rice" - dae zhen | Review

"Mango Sticky Rice" is an indie R&B track that is dripping in sweet synths and smooth vocals.

I heard this song and stopped in my tracks. The distorted opening lines are captivating. The beat is classic but switches up throughout the song in such magical ways.

Mango sticky rice has such a vivid sensory association and to have music mirror that is truly special.

Los Angeles based singer, rapper, producer Dae Zhen is an artist from Fontana, California. The genre-bending artist first started making music seriously in 2011 out of his college dorm room, drawing inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse and [early] Kanye West. Dae experienced some early success - being featured on the cover of NPR music, and playing numerous shows at the iconic House of Blues in LA - but he stopped making music in 2015 due to some misfortune in his personal life. Dae forced his way back onto the scene in 2018 with his self-produced album, Fontana, employing his struggles with depression and self-destructive behavior as fuel for his music.

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