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"Make It Up" - Port Lucian |Review

Pull into a dusky dreamland with the final single off of EP Prince of Oddities, "Make It Up".

There is something so raw and special about this track. It captures the feeling of a dreampop lo-fi track but swap the synth sound for guitar and reverb. This track feels feel and it will surround you, headphones are a recommendation from me, wow! This record details a closer look at some experiences from the last year of the life of Port Lucian, including reflections of insecurity, growth and regressions, and of multiple failed relationships. Make It Up centers on a continual feeling of imposter syndrome: boasting coated overconfident to compensate for deep seated insecurities. Of all the singles released in the build up of this album alone, Port Lucian has amassed 20k+ Spotify steams and over a dozen HypeM features, as well as being given the opportunity to join forces with legendary underground tape label Z Tapes.

Port Lucian is the lo-fi bedroom pop creation of queer, asian-american sweetheart, Portia Maidment, hailing from Philadelphia, PA.

Since 2017, Maidment has been locked in their bedroom, releasing slow burn singles while chasing the hazy warmth and mystery of Port Lucian’s world.

They return to the Philadelphia scene with a slew of new singles and a new EP, "Prince of Oddities", out September 18th on Z Tapes, with cassette preorders available here :

Review by Hannah Schneider

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