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Luke Sital-Singh- Strange Weather | Review

Well I think I might have just found the perfect rainy day song. Luke Sital-Singh brings us his newest track, “Strange Weather”.

The beat itself is almost meditative. It’s calming at first and has some pick up around the middle . There are multiple layers of instruments that all coincide perfectly together. My personal favorite addition to the beat is the tambourine which keeps the rhythm going.

With a tranquil feel to it, Luke Sital-Singh brings you into an observational perspective. Wondering if the clouds will ever clear. I mean it feels like you're walking under clouds that could reflect those tough times we go through from time to time. Sometimes just because the clouds are clear doesn’t mean that those troubles go away.

Luke Sital-Singh has been praised by the likes of Forbes and NPR, and has even given his own TED talk.

This song is the intro to his newest EP by the same name. “Strange Weather” the EP, will be released on June 9th.

Until then, enjoy this beauty.


Written by SpeakEasy

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