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"love x" - bumb | Review

On May 25th, the British boy band Bumb released a chill lo-fi pop song called

love x.

The lead vocalist’s voice blended with the dreamy guitar, makes you immediately fall in love with the song and lyrics. As this is a love song, you can hear the passion and the love behind his voice. The chorus ecstatically raises octaves, yet the violin comes in mellow for a relaxing balance of the two. One quirk that is noticeable is the minute pauses in the chorus right before he says love, “I think I’m in… love.” The emphasis on love is so warming. The outro of the song has a jazzy feeling closing up what feels to be a love confession towards a girl. Love x is a feel-good jam that fits the summer season.

Bumb is a new British band with just a few hundred monthly listeners on Spotify. Their song Self Care from the 2020 EP You’re not worth an album, so here’s an EP, accumulated over 30 thousand listens. Since then, bumb, has been releasing singles like love x and girlfriend x. They describe their music as “calm, energetic, and free, alternative indie under white dungarees.” We are on the edge of our seats for what to expect next.

Written by Lia Tsvetanova

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