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"Love of Yesterday" - Drew Hersch | Review

On March 9, 2023 Drew Hersch released his latest single “Love of Yesterday”.

When I first started listening to the track, I was hit with an instant wave of nostalgia. The song starts with a simple acoustic guitar and Hersch’s vocals and transports you to feel like you are in the room with him.

The entire emotion conveyed by the song feels very intimate and like a warm hug which is ironic once you listen to the lyrics “Cold shoulder or just sleepy? Half asleep or half awake? Can the backside really wanna keep me, you’re turned away from my embrace”.

Upon further listening to the song, although the lyrics are quite melancholic, the overall vibe of the song never strays further than the feeling of a distant memory. Hersch has the ability to make you feel like you have transported right into the middle of his stories told through song. I would recommend this track for listeners who are fans of Lizzy McAlpine or Taylor Swift.

Hersch has the maturity of an artist who has been creating for over a decade, so it is hard to believe that he is only 21. The singer-songwriter is the sole mind in charge of his discography, and with every new song he releases, he unfolds more of his capabilities. The young artist hails from Boulder, Colorado and he is only just getting started. “Love of Yesterday” marks the start of Drew’s new music this year and I am excited to see what else he creates for us.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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