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"Love Me"- Ina Forsman Review

You know the feeling you get when you say “I love you” for the first time? The jittery, anxious, excited, and heart flipping feeling? Well, now there’s a song for that feeling. “Love Me” by Ina Forsman was written about all of these feelings, and it does a great job of capturing them in just three minutes and forty-seven seconds.

The Finnish artist, now living in Berlin, is set to release her upcoming album “All There Is” on June 24, 2022 via Jazzhaus Records. Forsman’s influences are among R&B, jazz, soul, and blues. Forsman calls the atmosphere of her music “cinematic soul” and goes on to say that one day she would “want to make big music that would one day fill movie theatres as the soundtrack of a big movie– strings together with big horns and vocals”; I can definitely see this track being featured in a movie one day.

“I bet that you could love me so deep I don’t need to be loved by anyone else anymore” says it all. Love that deep is hard to find and it’s a love like that that we’re all looking for. “I bet you’re the only one who could make forever feel like it’s nowhere near enough” is another line that stands out to me when I hear this song. Spending forever with someone is a big deal, I know when I tell someone I love them, I’m thinking about my life with them. I would want that person to make forever seem like just a minute. I love how this line captures a feeling that I didn’t know I had felt before.

Sonically, I am in love with this song, I think that the music matches the feelings that the lyrics convey. Not only is the music amazing, but the vocals by Forsman are incredible. I think this is a great track to add to any playlist you want to send to that special someone, or to send to someone when words just aren’t enough.

Review By Casper Barbour

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