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‘Lost’ - Holdan | PR

‘Lost’ is the fourth single off Holdan’s self-produced, debut, EP out on September 27th.

A punk rock kid who makes alternative pop that’s as sophisticated as it is raw and as streetwise as it is heartfelt, Holdan is an artist of myriad talents, a singular vision, and no space for barriers. Holdan presents the final triumphant installment of his forthcoming debut EP ‘I Lost My Friends In The Spring’, in the form of lucid, dreamy ‘Lost’.

An anthem of acceptance, 19-year-old LA based Holdan Sutton explains “I get distracted and discouraged by a lot of things, and this song is about not beating yourself up because of it, because it’s a piece of the journey. I guess you’ve got to go through that s**t to find the stuff that feels good, maybe you just have to be lost to find someone.”

After growing frustrated as a drummer in many rising punk bands in the LA scene, his thirst to be heard and find independence saw him go it alone and come to the attention of the multi-platinum-selling and Grammy-winning producer Josh ‘Igloo’ Monroy (Ludacris, JoJo, Elton John, Justin Bieber). After time interning at Igloo’s studio, the producer was soon stunned by Holdan’s ability to take on new production and songwriting techniques.

The first real taste of that talent comes with debut EP ‘I Lost My Friends In The Spring’ – a six-track intro to his adventure in sound, and a devastatingly vivid picture of isolation and self-discovery. From soaring Bon Iver-esque emotive sonic landscapes (‘Come On My Way’) to chillwave (‘Lost’) via sweet R&B jams (‘Bright Red’), it’s a full journey. The first and last songs are based on “real” instruments and sounds, with the four in between taking in synthetic sounds to reflect a dream state of weighing up life after leaving everything you know behind.

“When I moved out to L.A. from Florida, I didn’t have any friends except for one,” Holdan remembers. “It just took me to places in my mind that I’d never been to before, and when you go there you end up coming back 10 times stronger. No matter what, it’s good to have friends but ultimately you need to care about yourself.”

As for the future?

“I just want my music to affect as many people as possible,” he admits. “But I’m not here to be whored out. That’s not what I want. I never want to lose sight that this is art, more than a product. I’m not any kind of bubblegum pop. I’m in this for the real shit.”

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