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'Lost Frequency' The Swoons and Transviolet | Review

The Swoons kicked of 2019 the right way with a beautiful vibey song featuring the incredible indie-pop group Transviolet. ‘Lost Frequency’ transcends genre with a blend of pop, indie, r&b and electronic influence. The song is an easy listen but be careful because before you know you may have it stuck on repeat for hours.

Relatably brilliant, the lyrics can resonate with any listener who has realized that they may be losing a spark or “frequency” with a friend or loved one. The vulnerable song has lines that capture the regret and heartbreak of a decaying relationship.

“Things fell apart too quickly/ Same place but different figures/ Bittersweet, I’m not with you”.

While both bands croon soft sentimental lyrics it seems that there is a bittersweet conclusion to this relationship, “Think we both know secretly/ There’s no real reason/ To hold on”.

A bit about these two bands as they are incredible beyond just this single.

"The Swoons are an indie-pop / electronic group consisting of Matthew Underwood, Tony Ann, Giacomo Timbrello & Trevor Myall. Hailing from London, Toronto, LA and Vancouver the sound blends the different city soundscapes with often a singer-songwriter foundation supported by a fresh and rich indie production”.

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Transviolet is an American alternative rock band formed back in 2015. This band is incredible and consists of lead vocalist Sarah McTaggart, with Judah McCarthy, Michael

Panek, and Jon Garcia as musicians and writers. The band initially formed online before moving to the West Coast to collaborate in person (pretty incredibly but just shows the power of the internet).

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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