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“Lose My Cool” - ROMES | Review

A track that is both hot enough to melt your popsicle but also cool enough to cool you off on a hot day this summer, “Lose My Cool” by ROMES is an indie rock fusion sure to make waves.

This track screams summer, this is that surfy indie rock track you have been waiting for. “Lose My Cool” drips with a nonchalant swagger that comes from that rock sound. Nothing is held back. Lyrically clever and engaging, fun guitar moments, a solid drum beat, this is something special. ROMES attracted the attention of Foster The People's Mark Foster to co-write and co-produce their latest single Lose My Cool. Influenced by 80s & 90s popular culture with subtle nods to Beach Boys-inspired harmonies, Foster & the ROMES brothers wanted to write a feel-good summer track, perfect for soaking up the sun. I fully intend on blasting this song at least once driving from the Bay Area to L.A. in a few weeks.

If you love Foster the People, Winnetka Bowling League, Flor, or Castlecomer, you are going to get that same kind of genre-bending rock out vibe with ROMES.

ROMES is an independent duo from Toronto, Canada made up of brothers Jacob and Nicolas Bitove. After supporting The Strokes last summer, the brothers spent the past year teaming up with grammy-nominated producers and artists including Mark Foster (Foster The People) and Billboard chart-topping songwriter Paul Meany (Twenty One Pilots). These collaborations, coupled with the brothers' undeniable and natural chemistry, have helped ROMES craft a sound that weaves in and out of different genres, presenting a fresh take in the alternative pop space.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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