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“Lose Control” – Shaker Neon | Review

As the weather heats up, cool down with this chill tune from London-based duo Shaker Neon. The brand new sun-soaked single, “Lose Control,” is an indietronica track that’ll have you grooving to the beat and longing for the carefree summer months ahead.

Known as the “fluorescent brainchild” of longtime buddies Dom James and Tommy Antonio, Shaker Neon is the multifaceted twosome taking the world by storm, “shining a light on new sounds and voices from all over the UK.” Shaker Neon’s sound is a little hard to pin down, but that’s what makes it so compelling. Even then, you can understand why there’s a loose comparison to funk-inspired artists like Thundercat and Childish Gambino.

Pulling influence from a range of genres like indie, R&B, adult contemporary, and electronica, “Lose Control” is Shaker Neon’s second single following their debut hit, “Ice Cream” released last summer. On the meaning of the track, Shaker Neon explained that it’s about “falling hard for someone who doesn’t feel the same way... when friendship turns into something else, one night for them, but much more for you.”

The intention really shines through in the moody repetition of the chorus, illustrating a concept that’s not entirely unfamiliar to anyone who has fallen victim to an unrequited relationship where “you try to pretend like it’s nothing, but your body takes over… you lose control.”

Staying true to Shaker Neon’s goal of keeping collaboration at the heart of every endeavor, “Lose Control” features emerging neo-soul and contemporary R&B artist Scarlett Fae, whose keen eye for storytelling is what sets her apart. Fae’s soulful vocals add so much depth and expressive spirit to the track, really reinforcing the fun and lively aura Shaker Neon has created.

“Lose Control” is everything you could ask for from a track in the “funk” realm, its psychedelic sound guiding you through, combining a groovy saxophone solo with Fae’s “inspired, evocative and agile performance” to round it out.

From London’s West End, Shaker Neon (Dom James and Tommy Antonio) are composers, producers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists whose pop, soul and jazz-inspired sound has been heard around the globe, accompanying feature films and even collaborating with artists like MIA, Octavian, JuiceWrld, and The Kooks. We’ll look forward to hearing more from Shaker Neon in the coming months.

Written by Lena Hageman

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