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“Loose Change” - Gold Member | Review

Life is short. We waste our priceless attention on fleeting things, often overlooking the aspects of our lives worth the most value.  “Loose Change” by Gold Member is an indie electronic song that reminds us to appreciate what is truly important - don’t throw away “loose change.”

The song begins with a static crackling, giving off a vintage, nostalgic vibe. Synths, piano, and an electronic base gradually weave together to build a catchy, upbeat rhythm that I quickly found myself dancing to. Gold Member showcases their production skills with attention-grabbing crescendos. The message is deep and so relevant as life passes us by at twice the speed during lock-down isolation. The band explains, “‘Loose Change’ speaks on appreciating what’s important.” Gold Member fittingly fades the song out with echoes that leave you another hint of nostalgia.

Gold Member is a band of self-proclaimed Alt-Pop cosmonauts consisting of a mix of producers and singer-songwriters. They are known for their sultry and soulful, sample soaked songs that are driven by a strong electronic base. Their 2017 single “Waiting for You” struck a chord with many listeners, accumulating over 1 million streams on Spotify alone.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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