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“Locked In” - Estella Dawn | Review

Is it hot in here or is it just a California summer paired with the new steamy track from Estella Dawn.

Now this is an artist we know and love at Unheard Gems and she is blossoming into the booktok space. “Locked In” is a sexy electro pop track that just screams confidence. The song is bold and sensual and somehow perfectly honest. The production is intricate and has a delicate mix of synths and percussion that just makes you want to move.

Estella has one of those voices that demands your attention. Everything she sings lingers in the air. With “Locked In” she taps into the sensual and flirty space similar to Tove Lo, Fletcher, or Doja Cat. “Locked In” toys with the balance of a romantic and seductive track.

Born and raised in New Zealand but residing in the US, the singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist brings a depth of talent and ability to the new pop scene. Wholly encapsulating the art of a life devoted to music, the working creative writes, records and coproduces every one of her releases. Her ability to faultlessly unite elements of piercing delicacy and outright ferocity gives her sound a truly unparalleled edge, and allows her to transcend genres with spirited conviction.

Whilst her writing offers refreshingly original hooks and production traits, the essence of her performances and chosen topics will no doubt prove timeless amidst an ever-evolving industry. Delivering multi-layered compositions that reinforce a naturally compelling vocal, Estella keeps authenticity at the forefront – utilizing stripped-back acoustic moments when needed, to further build upon that inexorable connection with her audience. Her vocal strength and versatility is known for its expressive similarities with pop troubadours Sia, Adele and Halsey. Her songwriting, often either softly revealing or boldly declarative, sometimes both at once, tips its hat to the fearless releases of artists like Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga. Comparisons don’t last though, once the unique lyrical web and melodic appeal of each song takes hold.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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