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Living In Your Radio - Tim Voilhat | Review

What if you were in love with someone who only knew about your existence through– the radio? It may sound like the plotline of a long lost John Hughes film, but serves as the inspiration for the latest single from Australian/Norwegian based group, Tim Voilhat & Co.

Living In Your Radio is a vintage wonderwall– stacked with an assortment of sparkling sweet synths, kicking drums, and layered vocals harmonizing in a world of neon bright energy.

While band names can be deceiving in terms of the musical act (thanks Kevin Parker), Tim Voilhat is actually a music group formed by Voilat after his grandmother passed away. Voilhat packed up his belongings and moved from Australia to the quiet setting of the Norwegian woods.

Fast forward to 2020, Voilhat collaborated with members of Pytt Studio in Oslo to form what is now known as Tim Voilhat & Co. The group’s latest track deals with unrequited sentiments against the backdrop of feel-good nostalgic musical elements that highlight the track’s meaning.

Voilhat’s vocals sound yearning with a tint of astonishment– bright, in a beaming tenor range that completes the anthemic feel of the tune. Setting the tone of the song is the synth-pop inspired production; it leans heavy into the 80s sound elements while reinventing them with a fresh new spunk. The driving beat is relentless- speeding to a sun soaked euphoric release that’ll have you screaming your heart out.

Following the release of Living In Your Radio this summer, Tim Voilhat is set to play one of the biggest music festivals in Norway– complete with confetti cannons and neon lights. Influenced by the various musings of hot sauce, red sunsets, and reminiscent vibes of the 70s/80s, Tim Voilhat strives to bring their high energy vibrancy to audiences everywhere, urging them to continue the party through their car radio.

By Cassidy Copenheaver

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