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"little pieces" - young friend | Review

Sometimes I just crave mellow music that puts me in a happy place. While this is absolutely a reflection on a relationship gone by it also captures this sense of satisfying closure.

Drew Tarves, better known as young friend, explains: “little pieces is a grand & heartfelt song that reflects on past relationships and how even though that person is no longer around, you still find yourself participating in their habits and mannerisms.”

I am absolutely in love with the vocals on this track. Tarves has this very casual soft quality to his voice, it just feels effortless and puts the listener at ease. The lyrics take us through this sentimental love story, he goes through the little pieces of the relationship that are worth remembering for better for worse. It is so sweet to see this sort of push and pull-processing of a past relationship. The instrumentation drives the song with is steady bass and booming drums that just feel like the last rays of golden hour. Sonically, this is a song that excuses warmth and with it honesty and vulnerability.

Marbled between a mid-century style icon and internet-age DIY polymath, young friend is hard to ignore. He wears a love for the antique on his sleeve, of vintage cars and European architecture, but remains just as comfortable and street smart in the urban sprawl of his native Vancouver, Canada. This crossroads is exhibited in his music, which feels at home amongst Jangle pop revivalists and post-Odd Future tastemakers, but with a sharp intimacy that’s both homemade and meticulous. He draws influence from across the board, citing Frank Ocean, young Leonardo Dicaprio, dark roast coffee, small hats and the fashion sense of a trendy grandpa. Tarves’ artistic strengths also stretch beyond his music, with his roots being present in dance & theatre as well as possessing an unbelievably sexy calligraphy. Musically, his origins started in hip-hop, which bleeds through in his precise and often fast paced vocal delivery.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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