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"Lion's Den" Music Video - Young Brando |Review

The music video for Lion’s Den by Young Brando is different than most, not it’s in content, but in the way it was filmed. Because it was filmed with a 360 degree viewing camera, viewers have the option to explore the surroundings of the video in any direction just by simply clicking and dragging their fingers on their trackpad. Despite how interactive this is, I do believe they sacrificed quality in order to get the 360 degree effect; it doesn’t have the sharp, crisp feel of high quality video.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of the graphics toward the end; they just seemed poorly done. The night sky view behind the two figures was beautiful, but, to me, the graphics just looked grainy and didn’t really add to the video. I understand they probably wanted to get the viewer’s interest by adding this segment, but there was probably a better way to do it.,

Besides these two minor things, I enjoyed the video. I loved how the choreography paralleled the lyrics and, using the dancers in white, they were able to convey how everything seems out of the two main characters’ control.

About the artist:

“Young Brando is a pop duo from Salisbury, United Kingdom.

Formed in 2013 by Russell James and Drew Shipsey, their sound could optimistically be described as taking current pop sounds and infusing them with the melodies and joy of early ‘00s pop punk. It is sometimes sweet and sometimes moody but they try to make sure it doesn’t get saccharine or depressing.

Young Brando will be supporting Busted on their 2019 tour.”

Written by Tatum Jenkins

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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