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"Like Forever" - LAWRN | Review

Summer is the perfect time for those pop-synth songs that manage to make heartbreak catchy and LAWRN delivers with their new single, “Like Forever.”

I’m personally super excited for the new LANY album, but it’s going to a bit before that release. The band aimed for a “dreamy, summer vibe” and they definitely accomplished it with their mix of rhythmic production and steady vocals. As much as I love the sound of real instrumentation, I think there’s a feeling that only produced patterns can create, especially when aiming for something both soft and bittersweet. However, underneath the chorus is a beautiful set of beautiful piano notes that bring out a special brightness in this song, underlying a sense of hope in the lyrics. LAWRN wanted to have this single be a mixture of the emotions that come with a breakup, saying, “We wanted to make a song that you could lose yourself in and listen to driving or at the beach.” “Like Forever” manages to balance happier sounding backing with sorrowful lyrics, which could be ideal for anyone going through quarantine relationship troubles.

LAWRN is a pop band from London and “Like Forever” is the second single off their upcoming EP. They released their debut EP, Pretty Things, last year.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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