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"Let You" - DYLYN | Review

Electro pop meets a little bit of rock, "Let You" is a bad ass female ballad from artist DYLYN.

Love and attraction isn't always easy to explain, sometimes things go too far or don't go as planned. It can be a dangerous game. This track feels like saying 'screw the consequences' and taking that risk and jumping in with both feet. “Let You,” the latest single DYLYN is sharing from her forthcoming Make It Naked EP, captures the glimmering feeling of first falling for someone. The early days of love are intoxicating. Hit replay and relive your story over and over again.

“Rock’n’roll is not the easy way, but it’s a freeing way, and it’s the way I want to live my life,” says Dylyn. Talking about her unique career path, the Toronto artist says, “There is truth in where you started, and then you veer off the road and come back to it and then really find it. That’s cultivating your sound the hard way.”

Born Gwendolyn Lewis, Dylyn was once a minor pop star with top 10 dance hits on U.S. Billboard charts. She has a show-stopper of a voice, killer good looks, and had tracks produced by the likes of Cirkut (The Weeknd, Britney Spears)—everything you’d need for pop success. But she wasn’t happy as a dubstep diva—and not just because no one could spell her stage name, Guinevere. She eventually ditched her on-stage dancers and hired a live drummer, so she was free to roam the stage and rock out as she pleased. When she wasn’t touring with former teen idols or playing 4 a.m. electro parties in Germany, she’d be at home listening to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Blondie and the like.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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