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"Lemon Lung" - Soft Top Intrepid |Review

Winter blues got you down? Here’s the cure: “Lemon Lung” by Soft Top Intrepid. An absolute ray of sunshine, the band’s second single drops today, and it exudes nothing but good old fashioned summertime vibes.

If you too are waiting for the Coachella lineup to drop (any day now, right?), this song will keep you satisfied while you wait. You’ll get lost in the daydream of palm trees swaying in the golden desert sun as you dance the day away, thanks to the warm and silky smooth guitar tones that give the song that signature sunshine indie/bedroom pop sound. Its uptempo beat and jaunty, bouncy melody gives it a “windows down” flair that’s essentially cinematic; reminiscent of summertime blockbusters from the early 2000s.

The overflowing good vibes are no accident either– the band purposefully produced this guitar-pop bop to be an experience rather than a song. “We hone the sonic identity of a track from the beginning as it’s incredibly important to us and it keeps us motivated, so that’s how we approached Lemon Lung,” writes Rob LaPlante of Soft Top Intrepid. “We knew how the instruments and different layers were going to mesh and serve the song with each other before we even had the structure of the track finished.”

Meanwhile, the lyrics are about finding solace in the madness, regardless of what’s going on in your life. Finding someone who understands you is crucial to getting through it, and for many, this song may be the support that they’re looking for; ready to carry them into their sun-filled, golden dreamland.

Rob LaPlante and Chris Galambos of Ottawa, Ontario remained musical partners and creative visionaries following the dissolution of their former band Ten Sleep in 2017. After sharing ideas and recording demos together, Soft Top Intrepid was born. Their first single, “Some Same,” was released in July 2021, and they are starting 2022 fresh with “Lemon Lung,” leaving us hungry for more of their feel-good, eclectic sound.

Written by Jess Ward

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