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"Lay Low" - bedfashion | Review

A post-postmodernism love story can be as complex as it sounds. In between labels of friends and lovers, bedfashion explores the complexities of this relationship in their new single “Lay Low.”

This electro-pop song delivers more than the expected “artificial sounds.” Highlighting its bridge with flute and climaxes with a jazz note incorporating saxophone instrumentals. Piano keys follow each word bedfashion sings, emphasizing each detail of the relationship. Vocals are run through smoothly but have a kick necessary in music with vibrant instrumentals. Bringing in the energy of a “complicated” relationship, the sound itself translates the story on its own.

Flirting with the sound, the quick and smart lyrics of “Lay Low” drive in a sexy and fun character. It’s the chase and the constant wondering of the big question, “what are we?” You see the potential, but their interest is elsewhere. This new single keeps listeners engaged because the plot is a collective experience. Relatable, frustrating but not ready to leave, bedfashion is keeping the romantic tension alive actively going after someone with a low-key attitude. “Wanna go see a movie? Wanna go walk around with me? Wanna go to NYC wanna fall in love with me? You just wanna lay low … Thought maybe we were more than friends.” This piece is catchy and easy to sing along with while the narrative explores the dynamics of a complex relationship.

“Lay Low” is accidentally starting to fall in love with your hot girl summer fling. It’s a track you turn up the volume to in your car, windows down with your best friends.

Grant Cowan is the artist behind bedfashion. Constantly telling unique and beautiful stories through music, Cowan’s music is a portrayal of life’s endless connections. bedfashion’s fusion of jazz and electro-pop continues with their iconic green hightop converse and new single “Lay Low.”

Written by YooJin Son

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