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Know you-Shantaia |Review

Shantaia is here with the powerful performance of her newest song “Know you”. This song could convert any country fan in an instant. Her voice is full of emotion, the way that she sings out in this song it sounds as if she's just getting it off her chest for the first time with the emotions still being raw. I can hear a genuine authenticity to her tone and delivery, sounds like she has been singing country her whole life.

Between all this,my favorite line was “I bet there are dishes in the sink that you're just letting soak”. You can sense in the way that the song starts that Shantaia is hurting over a potential relationship, but this line here forced a chuckle because we all know it's probably true, hell I certainly have some dishes soaking right now. You've never met the person that she is singing about but you can tell that she knew them really well, or only as well as she thought she did.

The powerful piano chords mixed with an even more energetic guitar made for a fun listen. The music video that accompanied this song seemed very fitting. Seems like she's trying to clear her head while riding a horse, and the shots of her singing in between were beautifully done.

Shantaia is Canadian born and currently based in Tennessee. She is currently a little more than an up and coming country artist. Having been nominated for multiple awards and many shows, Shantaia seems to be continuing her rise with the release of “Know you”.


Written by Derek Darnell

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