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"Know It All" - Maria Shockey | Review

"Know It All" is the first vulnerable, story-telling song that Maria Shockey is releasing to start the year.

It's a song written by herself - sitting in a bedroom floor with her guitar late at night. The song is a confessional - the words that Maria didn't get to say at the end of a broken relationship. It recounts the night of the initial conversation that ended things and the aftermath of what followed, detail for detail, 100% truthfully. The red car, October time-stamp, staying up all night crying with her best friend, and how Maria wanted to believe the he really was the classic good guy that she thought he was.

Collectively, Maria Shockey's music has been based around the concept of who we pretend to be, what it looks like to honestly confront those facades, and how to navigate the feelings that come with embracing truth - even when it's messy.

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