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"Kids" – FRANKE |Review

Kids is the perfect chill song - which is probably why it’s featured on Spotify’s popular Brand New Chill playlist.

Its rat-a-tat beat and use of synth gives it a 80s-90s feel, contrasting with its more somber lyrics. Kids finds itself out of the usual bubblegum pop genre, more grounded and homemade. “It's been a while and I'm scared for you/You wanted time, I made plans for two”. The lyrics hit on a more vulnerable note than a more commercialized track providing an interesting and engaging contrast perfect for a chill casual listen. We will say that FRANKE has quite an impressive range with some iconic ethereal high notes towards the middle to end of the song.

The EP released this past Valentine's Day, “Internet Heartbreak” is a collection of 5 songs. 16 minutes of chill synth tracks and processed soaring vocals. Honestly, quite a relevant piece conceptually.

Ever since he independently released his first single, “Home Alone,” he has gained over 30 million streams all around the world. He has spent the last six months working on his new EP, which he feels is “truer to his artistic nature.”

Franke started his musical career at the age of 8 playing classical piano and played twice at Carnegie Hall. He wrote his first album when he was 15. Franke now lives in Los Angeles and works on music full time; he plans to go on a nationwide tour very soon.

Review by Hannah Schneider and Tatum Jenkins

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