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Kiddus - Vapid Me

A standout track from Kiddus’s debut EP Snake Girl, Vapid me is an RnB tinged ode to technology and the shallowness it brings.

A London based producer and singer, Kiddus’s most popular songs are modern covers of soul songs from artists such as Prince, Bobby Caldwell, and Aaliyah. This does not mean his own songwriting should be underestimated, as he masterfully shows in his new track vapid me. Dealing with the subject of technology-related shallowness over a stuttering robotic drum pattern and jangly jazz chords, Kiddus delivers beautiful hazy and layered vocals. His subtle choices as a producer adds to the song’s depth and make listening to it repeatedly more enjoyable as one can discover background sounds or slight harmonies that may not have been noticed before. His unique self proclaimed ‘Lo-fi Soul’/ sound is on full display with this track, and we are excited to hear more from him.


The product of Caribbean/Indian/Filipino/Welsh heritage and raised Rastafari, Kiddus’ musical stylings are as eclectic as his upbringing. Splicing soul, punk, afrobeat, indie-pop and grime into a beautiful Cronenbergian monster, struggling free of any genre it has pinned to it. Some call it ‘Post-Funk’, some ‘Moshpit R&B’, at times it wants to be called ‘Depressing Dancehall’. Regardless of it’s genre, Kiddus’ music is something totally new - bizarre and disorienting, yet dripping in charm and lo-fi honesty. Comparisons to King Krule and Frank Ocean only graze the surface of the intentionally complex sound, with Kiddus separating himself from his predecessors and bedroom-pop contemporaries by bringing a slew of world music influence, incredibly dense production and cryptic lyricism.


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