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"Kid The Moon" - Derek Simpson | Review

Derek Simpson is truly one of a kind. I don’t know how to properly explain his music, but per usual I’ll try.

“Kid the Moon” to me is a calm, but funky song that comes together to make a weird, but beautifully weird song.

One minute in I was nodding my head to the song. It’s very catchy. The beat is quite simple, kind of reminds me of an Adam Levine tune with spacey guitar chords and electric piano lines.

The song makes me want to cruise down a palm tree cladded road in a convertible on a beautiful warm day.

I would class “Kid The Moon” under the bedroom and low-fi pop genres. Derek Simpson explains that; “Kid the Moon acts as a gentle celebration of late-night pleasures and moonlight partnerships.


Derek Simpson is an American producer, recording artist and multi-instrumentalist. After gaining much success with multiple free albums on Soundcloud, Derek moved from Boston to Long Beach. Derek has produced music for several popular artists like Dom McLennon and Rockie Fresh and his music has been featured on Comedy Central's Workaholics.

Another add to the good ol music library.

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