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"Keep Me Buzzed" - DYLVN |Review

Hailing from San Clemente, California, DYLVN is a quintessential cool, chill Cali boy, and this track is no different.

“Keep Me Buzzed” is serving all the vibes of those easy southern California days you spend riding bikes, surfing, building bonfires, throwing house parties, and just being young and crazy with your friends. It's got that chill melodic beat, catchy lyrics, and a sort of youthful coming of age nostalgia to it.

The last time I felt like this about a song was years ago when I first heard Shwayze and subsequently went to SXSW for pretty much the sole purpose of seeing his show. “Keep Me Buzzed” just puts you in the mood to sing along without realizing it, zen out and have a good time.

If “Keep Me Buzzed” is his first single leading up to his first album release, I am sincerely looking forward to what the rest of this project looks like.

Written by Sydne Broady

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