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"Just Because" - Cape Francis I Review

An ominous-sounding beat pulsates steadily against another lowing beat, creating a storm cloud of sonic nature.

Kevin Olken Henthorn – also known as Cape Francis – clear, ringing voice slices through the cloud of sound to introduce listeners to his newest single, “Just Because.” This song is an overall haunting example of indie folk music – reminiscent of Phoebe Bridgers and first-album Bon Iver – piano, drums. and guitar interwoven in what feels like an echo chamber. “Just Because” is more than a song, it’s an atmosphere and a feeling. Cape Francis is able to convey emotion in more creative ways rather than through songwriting alone, which is what makes this song so captivating. It’s a peek inside of his head – full of untouched trauma hidden by the fog of the every day – and he meant it to be this way.

When discussing the theme of this song, Cape Francis said it’s about mental health, commenting, “Throughout most of my twenties I was in denial of the fact that I could seriously use therapy. My relationships with people and my partner became strained over time because I wasn't actually taking care of my own mental health. Last year that came to a head and I finally took the steps needed to get some help. This song was written as a reminder to keep working on it, to not resort back to the mess I was for most of my 20's. It envisions a world in which I don't take that advice and plays out a version of myself that I really don't want to become.”

Before starting his solo project as Cape Francis, Henthorn was in another band that had a pop-focused sound. He used Cape Francis as a way to reconnect with songwriting and music in a way that felt like his sound rather than someone else’s. He started playing guitar when he was nine – learning many different genres – and started writing his own songs when he was fifteen. “Just Because” is the first single off his new album, “Plateaus,” coming out this fall.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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