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Junior Mesa - All or Nothing

The debut single of soon to be rising star Junior Mesa is an excellent, easy-going, 60’s influenced ballad about questioning another’s love.

Based in California, Junior Mesa’s debut single somehow reflects his age while evoking nostalgic qualities of the past. The production is Indebted to the 1960s, filled with vintage sounding organs, tambourines, and descending 7th chord progressions, while juxtaposed by Messa’s lyrics, reflecting a youthful uncertainty on a partner’s level of commitment. His voice, which croons and has both soft and jagged qualities to it, compliments the production nicely, giving it an additional modern edge. The song’s bridge delves into early psychedelic territory, separating it from the Motown like chorus and verse, demonstrating Messa’s willingness and ability to effectively blend genres. In the modern playlist based music industry where many question the relevance of staying within one genre, Messa’s versatility will be an important asset that separates him from his peers. We look forward to hearing more from him and are excited for his future.


Junior Mesa channels a timeless sound by way of modern means. Rather than comb stacks of record stores, the 20-year-old Bakersfield, CA singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist culls influence from a YouTube search history spanning everyone from Wes Montgomery and Ella Fitzgerald to Jimi Hendrix and Sly & The Family Stone. Under this digitized classic spell, he not only sings with shuddering soul, but he also plays guitar, drums, piano, and bass with understated and instinctual virtuosity.


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Stephen Willard

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