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“In Between” - e. philly | Review

The debut single off of his upcoming EP ‘New Place’, ‘In Between’ by e. philly is an emotional ballad.

The song describes a feeling that is likely familiar to just about anyone who hears it--a feeling of helplessness amidst indecision. Likening that feeling to being somewhere in between a nightmare and a dream, the result is palpable in both the production and vocal delivery, as the track builds into its passionate final chorus. Despite the subject matter, there is a sense of growing hopefulness that is formed by swells of synthesizers and acoustic guitar swirling throughout the track.

e. philly is a producer and songwriter who has spent the last four years defining his sound in the alt-pop world. Formerly a founding member of St. Louis pop group Steeples, and the producer of their four mixtapes, e. philly (Eric Phillips) has spent the year since their disbanding developing what's next for him. The result is a sound that is uniquely his, yet drawing on a wealth of varied influences that span all genres.

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