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"Illuminate" - Haunter | Review

“Illuminate” by Haunter is exactly what I think a pop love song is and should be. The song’s lyrics seem to focus on the remarkable feelings one feels when falling in an all-consuming love. This love that Haunter explains is a love that one has never felt before - a very powerful type of love. This can all be heard in the hook…

In an interview Haunter explained; “We’re just a bunch of former emo kids, and one metalhead that ditched the loud guitars for big hooks and pop sensibilities.” This is spot on. When you listen to the song, there is no way of getting around this.

You can hear the raw passion.

Lucy LeNoir, the main vocalist on the track sings with a booming voice; “Illuminate in my eyes… We can set the world on fire.”

Like I said…




Good stuff.

Haunter is a pop band comprising five members; Enoma Asowate, Lucy LeNoir, Mark Shoreder, Mike Ray, with Grammy nominated producer Tyler Smyth. They trace their roots back to 2016 believing that; “music is akin to love and its ability to connect and heal people through shared experience.”

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