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"If You Don't Lie" - Deer Fellow | Review

“If You Don’t Lie” by Deer Fellow is an alt-folk song that feels like the warm, loving embrace of a partner; giving you those warm fuzzy feelings in your stomach and making it impossible to not smile just a little bit. Its simple arrangement of acoustic guitar, piano, with a stunning touch of violin, feels comforting, familiar, and nostalgic.

The crux of this song can be found within the lyric, “knew that something was wrong on the inside, you’re way better off if you don’t lie.” Sometimes saying “I’m fine” when you’re not seems enticing for the simple fact that it’s easy and you dodge any unwanted attention, but ultimately it’s good for both you and your partner if you open up— “you’re way better off if you don’t lie.” This song is about how sharing that burden with someone you love will never be a bad thing, and the narrator of this story is assuring their partner of that. With duet-style harmonies similar to chamber folk duos like The Civil Wars and Angus & Julia Stone.

Deer Fellow is an authentic indie folk group with beginnings as natural as their sound— bandmates Matt Salois and Alyssa Kelly met at an open mic night and started creating music not long after. The Austin-based duo has been featured on KUTX 98.9 Radio, CBS Austin, and EASTside Magazine. “If You Don’t Lie” is a single off their debut EP, Words Unsaid.

Written by Jess Ward

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