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“I Won’t Change My Mind” – Remington super 60 | Review

We can imagine vocalist Elisabeth Thorsen lying upon a slowly spinning bed staring up at the ceiling. Feeling drained and thinking out loud, she tells the story of a breakup in Remington super 60’s “I Won’t Change My Mind.” Its theme is one anyone can empathize with, but an extra level of pain is added by the revelation that the story isn’t only a real-life experience for the singer, but makes its way to us in the form of an art piece created by the individuals who were touched by the dissolution most. Producer Christoffer Schou and singer Elisabeth Thorsen have separated, but continue to make music. This dynamic has resulted in a remarkably honest and deeply tender new single, as the artists—even in conflict—share a feeling together.

We find our narrator in the late stages of the Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle—lyrically conveying conviction and acceptance, but musically expressing detachment and apathy. The result of this juxtaposition is something exquisitely dark. The sounds of the delicate harmonies blend and blur to form an elegant whole. There’s an airy, open atmosphere driven by the band’s melodic choices and Thorsen’s voice.

Sonically, Rs60 delivers us a comforting, retro-sounding track, seeming as though it could have been curated by the Seeburg Music Library. The tones are superb: The bass is round, plucky and natural sounding, and the patterns on the ride cymbal are bright and clearly defined—struck right on the sweet spot. The inspirations of the band are clearly diverse and cultured.

Air’s critically acclaimed Moon Safari debuted in 1998. That same year saw the birth of the dream-poppy Remington super 60 who were perhaps cut from the same cloth. Since then, founding member Christoffer Schou and a transforming roster of bandmates have steadily produced nothing short of Nordic excellence. The current masterminds behind the alluring electronica are Schou, Thorsen, and Magnus Abelsen. “I Won’t Change My Mind” is one of two singles now available from their upcoming EP (due February 2021). It will be released via Café Superstar Recordings and licensed to Ventilador Music.

Rs60’s latest single is an accessible and kaleidoscopic chillwave achievement. The candor of the lyrics and the lushness of the music create something that’s more than meets the ear. It’s polished, courageous, and—best of all—catchy.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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