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"I Was" - Isaac Chan |Review

Close your eyes to be instantly transported to a forest river.

The song opens up like an orchestra at the beginning of a movie, a lowing sound slowly growing louder and louder as the bubbling of a stream takes place alongside it. Some gentle piano chords kick in and finally, a guitar picking pattern brings all these sounds together to create the serene tone that is Isaac Chan’s new song, “I Was.” Chan clearly knows his voice well as his even, soothing voice slides in so easily among the other elements of this song. Chan himself remarked that the song is reminiscent of a “forest river” and this cinematic image is reflected throughout the song. “I Was” is unknowingly grounded in nature and in a vivid scene of healing.

Chan himself says that this song helped him find his way back to himself, saying, “Writing this song helped me realize my brokenness and the need for inner healing. The lyrics almost appeared onto paper as if the song had already existed when I wrote it - felt like there was someone there writing the song with me to tell me something.” For a world that’s filled with brokenness, this song could bring much-needed healing to those who are especially affected by world events.

At 24 years old, Chan’s indie-folk style is one worth listening to. This year, he’s releasing his debut EP, “Somewhere Along.” With an emphasis on self-reflection, Chan brings a unique perspective to his music that manages to resonate with all who listen.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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