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"I Love You More" - Ade Mai | Review

Straight out of a romantic indie film comes “I Love You More,” the new song by indie folk artist Ade Mai. It’s a tune that sounds like the rising sun on a beautiful summer day, and the feeling of picking up speed on the highway. It’s full of adrenaline, life, and freedom.

The song opens with a romantic noodling acoustic guitar, coupled with soaring vocal melodies flying overhead. The harmonies are subtle and quiet, but truly express the discreet happiness that can be found in everyday life. The harmonies are louder, more booming within the second verse, building to a larger second half. The beginning is uptempo and dreamy, but picks up to an exciting, adventurous pace at the 1:51-minute mark, transforming it from a reflective and introspective folk piece to a song that demonstrates a genuine lust for life. It slows down at the very end, bringing the song to a satisfying full circle. Its conclusion feels full and rewarding, leaving the listener more joyous and thankful than they were at the start.

“I Love You More” is a song that’s written for the open road-- getting behind the wheel at the crack of dawn with your closest friends, a cheap map, and a full tank of gas. It perfectly captures the wanderlust and curiosity of being young and free, and encourages the listener to act on those heartfelt feelings.

Mai moved to the UK from his hometown in Finland, and this is his love song for life and all that comes with it-- be it experiences, people, or the mundane motions of everyday, “I Love You More” shows that it’s all worth seeing.

“Although I see myself as a melancholic person,” Mai writes, “the lyrics pretty much just reflect the love towards living and the adventures that life brings.”

Ade Mai is a traveling folk singer/songwriter that has explored far and wide from Bournemouth, UK to Helsinki, Finland. Using his acoustic guitar and piano, he composes his own music from his heart, coupling the music with simple yet truly moving lyrics. His authenticity has earned the devotion of nearly 14,000 monthly Spotify listeners from all over the world, which only fuels his wanderlust-inspired songwriting even further.

Written by Jess Ward

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