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“I Keep Changing” - Tessa Dalton | Review

“I Keep Changing” is a callback to your emo-phase or desire to change because you’re unsatisfied with your current self. After releasing “One More Night”, Tessa’s second single carries strong rock elements while relaying moods of dissatisfaction.

The chaotic production consists of distorted guitars and heavy drums with Tessa’s vocals cutting through. In my opinion, Tessa’s voice sounds too pop and clear for rock but contrasts the distorted instrumental. Objectively, the chaotic production and sweet vocals may be unbearable to some listeners, but they fit the concept because they depict an internal war with the singer. Especially in the chorus where Tessa sings:

I keep changing

But I’ll never be happy in my faces

In my phases

I keep changing

But I’ll never be happy in my faces

In my phases

The song makes me self-reflect on my mental state and habits as a teenager. The second verse stuck with me the most because it reminded me of the brutal side of growing up. Back in middle school, I kept changing my appearance to what was trendy, even when it wasn’t my style. I compared myself with everyone else and was not happy with who I was. When you listen to “I Keep Changing”, I’m sure it’ll bring back some memories from school, a job, home, or anywhere else.

You’ll find “I Keep Changing” in alternative rock and pop rock Spotify playlists like Alt New Rick, The New Alt, and Rock Frequency. If “I Keep Changing” had been released in the 2010s or during the mini-rock wave in 2022-2023, it would’ve been a hit. If you’re a rock or alt-rock lover who wants to bring back their emo phase, give this song a listen and stay updated on Tessa’s future projects.

About Tessa Dalton

Raised in rural Idaho and based in Nashville, Tessa Dalton is a multi-talented threat. She is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty. She can play guitar, drums, and the fiddle. Tessa started playing at 12 and competed in multiple fiddle competitions in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah.

She studies commercial music at Belmont University while playing gigs across Nashville, recording in the studio with other artists, and writing her songs. On April 24, 2024, Tessa released “One More Night” and her second single “I Keep Changing” a month later. She also has a song from 2023 called “My Home’s In Idaho”.

Tessa loves country music and playing bluegrass, Celtic, and Americana music, but her original songs are inspired by artists like Gracie Abrams, Alix Page, and Lennon Stella, with echoes of Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and Blink-182.

Written by Yaba Ahounou

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