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“I Do” - CAPPA | Review

CAPPA is the epitome of bubble gum feel good pop. While you can feel the raw emotion in her newest single “I Do”, her fun pop roots still hold strong. The beat of the song is infectious. There is a constant and steady build through the verses and pre chorus which is put on hold for such a beautiful effect in the chorus. CAPPA’s vocals in general are stunning and uplifting. Even in this vulnerable story-telling song this is a song you can blast on a spring day and dance to.

CAPPA says on the track, "'I Do' is a slight departure from my previous singles because it is a little more emotional and raw lyrically. I wrote it after going through a pretty bad breakup. Its about knowing that you shouldn’t take someone back and everything in you should be able to walk away from it but for some reason you can’t. I used some more organic instrumentation in it than I did with some of my previous songs making it sound a little more dreamy - I’m really excited for people to hear it a different side."

We’ve been following CAPPA for a little bit on Unheard Gems and have consistently loved her sound. While we know a bit about this rising star, we realize you may not. Originally launching her career in Nashville, Carla Cappa took off and became one of the most sought after songwriters in the city. Recently, CAPPA moved to LA were she is continuing to make quite a name for herself in the music industry.

You may have heard a CAPPA song before and not have known. Her songs h

ave been synced in ads for Victoria's Secret, Bumble, Under Armor, Journeys and can be heard on in-store playlists for Urban Outfitters, H&M and Forever 21.

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Written and Edited by Hannah Schneider

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