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“I-5” - Megan Claire | Review

I-5 is the first offering from Northern California singer songwriter Megan Claire. This sunset soaked indie rock debut offers a powerful first impression for this young artist.

I-5 by Megan Claire is a poignant reflection on growing up. This indie folk/rock anthem captures the bittersweet essence of growing up and coming to terms with the ever-changing dynamics of life. With its slow burning rock melodies and ethereal ambience reminiscent of boygenius and The Cranberries this track resonates with anyone who has experienced the pangs of late-onset adolescent angst.

Megan Claire's debut single effortlessly envelops the listener in a nostalgic atmosphere, evoking the feeling of staring into the sunset like you're in your own personal '90s coming-of-age film. Megan Claire's introspective lyrics wrestle with the existential question, "What do I do when I get all that I worked for?" – a sentiment that strikes a chord with anyone who has found themselves at a crossroads, questioning the path they've chosen. Her powerful vocals soar over the driving instrumentation, encapsulating the overwhelming sense of uncertainty and self-discovery that comes with transitioning into adulthood.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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1 Comment

Nicholas O'Toole
Nicholas O'Toole
Apr 14

Megan is brilliant

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