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"Hylow" - Kahone Concept | Review

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

It is official, I am absolutely in love with this track! "Hylow" is this fun blend of pop, indie, and rock influence that feels like it is fresh out of a coming of age movie soundtrack. All of the highs and all of the lows....the hys and the lows as one might put it.

The synths on this track are shimmering and vibrant but definitely do not overpower this track. It feels raw and real and begs for the listener to take a step back and look at things differently and how they are situated in a world larger than themselves. I particularly love the line that kicks off this track...."I'm separated, that's how my mind goes". I think that separation resonates with me in the sense of the head and the heart way of thinking. For me, this song speaks to the heart and pulls me out of the complications and over thinking nature of my brain.

“Hylow” is for fans of Coldplay, the Fray, The Killers, but with a modern pop twist. It was mixed by Matt Huber who is known for his work with Joan, NIGHTLY and CRUISR.

Interesting Fact: The “glitching” synth sound is a voice memo recording of a paper towel dispenser from a public restroom.

Kahone Concept officially began in 2015, but the foundations of this Pittsburgh-based pop artist/producer were laid long before then. 23-year-old Ben Orrvick taught himself how to play a variety of instruments throughout his childhood, but as he’d struggled to find people to start a band with, he took matters into his own hands and began learning how to create music independently at the age of 15. After spending time as a bedroom artist, Orrvick made the decision to begin self-releasing his work, all while writing, recording and producing entirely on his own. Thus, Kahone Concept was born: a project he named after an instrument he made in woodshop class. The name, Orrvick explains, fits the ethos that surrounds his music: “it’s important to find significance even in the smallest of things; we each find our own significance. It’s what gives us purpose.”

Kahone Concept has continued to independently develop with his 2020 releases, notably gaining traction on TikTok with his single “Maybe”. Kahone Concept’s ability to transfer his emotions from the studio to his live performances through high-energy shows, just may be the reason he has shared the stage with acts to the likes of Mt. Joy, Verite, and Weathers. UPROXX has noted his tracks as “brimming with personality as they are with melody, high quality songwriting, and production value”; his forthcoming single titled “Hylow” creates no exception.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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